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C5 - Quest for Success: Talk quest


Sarah Cook:
Researcher, curator, and co-editor of CRUMB

Sara Diamond:
President at the Ontario College of Art and Design

Barbara Goldstein:
Public Art Director for the City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs

Lynn Hershman:
Renowned media and film artist

Gordon Knox:
Director at the Montalvo Artist Residency Program

Julie Lazar:
Director of International Contemporary Arts Network

Monica Narula:
Raqs Media Collective

Maritini Ni Drhomhnaill:
Horn Murdoch & Cole

Trena Noval:
Artist, writer and curator, SF Camerawork

Marisa Olson:
Editor & Curator at Large of Rhizome, New Museum of Contemporary Art

Christiane Paul:
Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum

Shuddha Sengupta:
Raqs Media Collective

Ana Serrano:
Director of the Habitat New Media Lab at the Canadian Film Centre

Marcia Tanner:
Independent curator and freelance writer

Mark Tribe:
Professor of Modern Culture and Media Studies at Brown University

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