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  Stanford University - Refresh: The Art of the Screen Saver
October 12th - November 26th, 2000 at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Center for the Visual Arts at Stanford University.
Permanent online exhibition at Intel's www.ArtMuseum.net site.

SoftSub is one of 22 artist-created screen savers featured in the Refresh exhibition, curated by James Buckhouse and Merrill Falkenberg.

"This exhibition began with a relatively simple premise: to transform the outmoded, utilitarian function of the screen saver into a digital form of public art...The title for this exhibition comes from refresh rate, the base frequency of computer monitors, which is between 60 and 120 Hz. To refresh is a fundamental concept in digitally produced screen based work as each pixel on the screen is constantly updated and refreshed with new data. The frequency defines the perceptual conditions for the visual interface and many issues of screen aesthetics are rooted in its capabilities."
- James Buckhouse and Merrill Falkenberg

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